Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another two decades to go

You know, planning is bullshit to me.

I plan, so what?
I never follow.

Yea, that's my fault so I am angry with myself, very!

I stayed up till 3am yesterday night this morning
to try to finish my physics chapters.

I had ten overall.
I was only in chapter 3 at 12am.
and I managed to briefly covered till chapter 8 at 3am.

How awful was this? super.
Yea, I should really study earlier but
I just couldn't get started.

Everytime I face those stupid books,
I feel like crying shouting and going insane.

Paper today was fine :)
Paper 1 was easy, thank God!
really super thank God lor, because
I always do very badly in paper one.
I don't have a good gun. :(

Paper 2 was okay too,
just I didn't know how to do the explanation part behind.
I hate explanation a lot.
why do you ask me why this why that?

Anyway, I'm glad that another day was over.
Chemistry and paper 3s the next two decades.
I can't wait, although I haven't start anything yet.

God Bless Me,
and to the PMR candidates,
All the best and Good luck in the exam! :)

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