Sunday, October 10, 2010

Superb Day ♥

On Friday,
my musketeers decided to have my birthday lunch, finally :P
So had Korean BBQ this time,
oh whee my favourite! :D
(actually I only favour the Ginseng Chicken Soup ♥)

It was me :)

So, they asked me to close my eyes while holding the camera.
Then they asked me to take a picture with my eyes closing.
Then read the words from the camera. lol!

How sweet of them, is okay is okay.
And my reply would be,

If you couldn't read my words,
is "nvm, belanja can d." hehehehe!
I was very lazy to blacken the words.
and sorry for my ugly handwriting :P

Then they asked to take another paper without looking at the words first
and took a picture.
Then only I knew that I got cheated!!!!!!!!

Alright, thanks for the stupid stuffs (like en said) my musketeers ♥

Oh then, food time!

Beef this time :)

ohhhh, can I have more? :D

My most not-favourite kimchi soup,
because I couldn't stand the spiciness.

Like the teriyaki chicken, it tasted so sweet :)

I was a huge eater :D

Finally, finished!

It was time to camwhore, :P

oh, I got kisses from my musketeers :P

Actually wanted to go for pedicure after lunch,
but I think it was too expensive
and I was broke at the same time.
ohhh, me want more $$$$$$$ :(

so, decided to play in the fitting room :P
(actually it's illegal to take picture in it)

Tried some ugly and funny combinations wahahaha!
Laughed my ass out :x

How I wished I could buy all of them!
How I wished my daddy would give me more money for shopping!
Oh my God, I totally lose my mind when I get to shop.
And, no window shopping please :(

This is a sweet dress, but I am not sweet at all. haha!

Alright, tried this on.

Woohoo, I love looking tall!

more casual one,

I actually love this but I have no idea if I will wear if I buy.

Shall end this entry with a picture of mine, hehe.


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