Friday, October 22, 2010

Great Pictures ♥

Alright, this is about the BBQ session with the buddies last awesome Saturday :)
and these pictures are from canon DSLR, taken by awesome Jilyne ;D
not much but just to share some of them ♥

Eric the charcoal :P

oopsie, he was not happy that we talked about him, fire up! xD
(I know I am lame, I know)

wooots, frenchylicious food :D

and let me present you the pretty cook of the day, Tracy!!!!!!!
and beside her, the also pretty cook assistant en :P
(both of you happy or not? hehe)

wheee, before the people came, took a picture first!

drooling over food

Oh so adorable Bobby :P

the party started

the host and Kailin :)

eww, I think this picture is ugly but still awesome hahahaha!
and I really think I need to brace my teeth, too ugly cannot tahan.

Did I tell you guys I gain weight recently?
SHIT, how I wish I could never get fat no matter how much I eat.

The "GIRLS"?
Yea, the GIRLS!

okay hian hui you shouldn't be here :P

Awesome Evon ♥

Awesome jumpshot on the right but lousy on the left, haha
and I was on the left side sadness :P

everybody walked away but monkey yungwen still continued to do his monkey jump in the middle!
hahahahaha, you would certainly laugh your ass off if you saw him jumping like a monkey, somemore non-stop :P

was chilling in the living room after that :)

and our next activity was,
recalling our memory in primary school by watching videos and pictures taken five years ago.
Memorable not? :D ♥ all of us laughed like hell becase we were really very noob last time, most of us changed but some really never changed. I wondered how they did that lol!


Kakak was having a lot of problem dealing with the cameras -,- hahaha!

and finally, the group picha :D

Love you guys a lot :)
although I don't really join you guys in the primary time, but at least I have changed and become more outgoing and I realise that I really have a bunch of superb primary classmates!


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