Monday, October 18, 2010

A typical Saturday ♥

I went to morning market with Tracy :)
We needed to buy some stuffs for the party at night.
Her mom came to fetch me, thank you aunty :)

I know taking picture in the morning market is like soooo
But, just took it as a memory marrrr :P


Look at the dirty stucked drain,
the people are so unethical.
We bought them very fast,
then off we went back to tracy's place
to prepare the food and the fruit salad.

Tadaaaaaa, I cut these apple cubes!
clever or not :P

And I also prepared the carrot for the fruit salad.

and and and,
Tracy prepared this because ....
I couldn't do that ><
Oh, I ♥ you muchie tracy :P

and also prepared the cabbage for the fruit salad again ♥

You know, I don't really know how to use a knife.
Oh, I am this terrible.

After all the sweats and hard work (hyperbola),
Tracy and I finally sit down and had some rest
while waiting for the others to come over.

Soon, Zhangyik and Eric reached her place from interview at Sunway.
so, we killed our time watching AXN while waiting for en to
prepare herself. lol!

When she finally was ready,
zhangyik went to fetch her and
off we went to Aeon to buy some stuffs and
had our lunch there.

their most liked po pa nai cha :P
not bad, but I think it tasted like lipton tea.

hehehehe, five of us ♥
oops sorry that en and zhangyik could not be seen!

oh, me like this one ♥

went to the supermarket and bought some food
hahaha we chose everything in the lowest price!

Queueing to pay

I was so sleepy already,
woke up at 8.30am tau xD

hahahaha, they paid.
It was Saturday and also known as NO-PLASTIC-DAY.
Oh no but we forgot to bring a recycling bag so ... -,-

Then I started wondering whether I should go for my ballet class or not,
I seriously didn't want to miss all the fun in between!

Tracy said a huge NO!

Bk came to join us after that,
because he had a tuition class.
so, the 6 sohai were together once again ♥
must take a picture lah :D

Bk fetched everyone and zhangyik drove on his own.
hahahahaha, so funny someone should have accompanied him!
but he just disappeared in the lift like that, then we all were like so zhadao
where did he gone? hahaha.

In this picture, we wanted to camwhore but that stupid driver kept
driving NOT smoothly so that we couldn't take anything nice!
HMMPH! but still, ♥


hahaha, this was taken while waiting for the traffic light to turn green :D
Eric and Tracy had hopped to zhangyik's car already hehe!

seeeeeeeee, so cute lah ♥

After reaching Evon's place, we unloaded everything then I went home to take some stuffs.
And, they did fruit salad without me!!!!!!!! so unfair I wanted to finish everything one :P
grapes + carrot + cabbage + apples + yogurt + mayonnaise

and Evon made her potato salads ♥

She has a cute and adorable puppy, Bobby.
But .............
Got bobby, no me. Got me, no bobby.
I screamed and ran away whenever Bobby came near me.
Owhh, I was feeling very sorry to Bobby.
He needed to be locked up in the guest room because of me,
and ELAINE! :P

see how adorable, xD

Bobby insisted to be in the kitchen with the people.
so only me was being left outside darn help me :(

finally Elaine came and her phobianess was more serious than mine.
so Evon had no choice but to keep Bobby tied up
then I could help in the kitchen already! yayyy :P
I was sorry again Bob :(

Bobbyphobia - Elaine and I :(

I looked quite emo in this picture don't know why xD

After preparing for all the food,
the girls went upstairs to prepare ourselves before more people came.
From the left, me, yenpeng, tracy and en! ♥


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