Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's 2nd Anniversary! ♥

It was 10.10.10!
perfect-ten-day ♥

The INGs had set this date as our anniversary :)
We wanted to celebrate by gathering at starbucks on Sunday.
But, not all could turn up, only me, pjing and vivian.
Somemore vivian was having her exam the next day so,
she needed to concentrate on her study. hehehe!


The loved and familiar place for the girls ♥
Starbucks :)

hahaha, both of us tried not to interrupt their studies.
so we sat at the side and did our own things ;)
Ohhh, I still had a fun time with pjing ♥


Vivian, Michelle, Jiunnhow lol!
Pity them :P


Then, vivian had to go back.
so left me, pjing and jiunn how.
three of us were talking crap the whole afternoon. hahaha!
but it was still fun :)


Whee, pjing and I ♥


ten ten perfect ten!
Pjing is so cute ♥


hahaha, her fringe was looking so cute in this picture :P

The girls wanted to have a shopping session on Tuesday.
Too bad I couldn't make it, and pjing had parents problem etc.
So troublesome! sigh.
Our gathering always fail one, but we really must gather once in a while after
we graduate kay? :)

♥ Love ya, I can't wait for the jerseys! ♥

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