Sunday, May 22, 2011

Discouraging conversation

I was having my LAST driving lesson this morning before my driving retest for on the road tomorrow. 

Uncle: well, you drive very differently today. Don't get so tensed alright.

Me: oh, how different? 

Uncle: you do things so kan cheongly I can see that. The car is very NOT smooth. 

Me: oh haha! yea, I am nervous. 

Uncle: Don't you worry. I think you need to get for the special case. 

Me: Special case? 

Uncle: pay more to the agent. you don't have to worry. for special case right, I'll ask them to specially take care of you when you are driving. you don't have to do many things basically, just drive the car. If you have any problem, just ask them. They will help you. 

Me: oh okay. that sounds good. 

Uncle: tonight, you just sleep early and you don't have to prepare for anything. You will Pass. I promise that I will let you pass.

Me: oh okay.

Inside of me: omg am I that bad? -,-
Another inside of me: YES YOU ARE!


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