Thursday, May 19, 2011

Old old pal :)


ERIC POON, TRACY, got surprised or not? hahahahaha! 

Alright, I was shocked. lol.

Well, he's a really really old friend of mine. We didn't meet for almost 6 years and he's really a nice person :) 


Alright. I woke up late this morning. I was supposed to leave home to kailin's place at 7.45am and genius me woke up at exactly 7.45am. shit lah -,- I was like super sleep pig this morning. I got enough rest but I just didn't know why I would never get enough sleep. hahaha. crapping, excuse me* haha! 

Well, college today is ... um ... kinda .... ? I didn't know how to say xp haha! For calculus 2, it was very very bad. I couldn't catch up. Miss Theresa knew that, I know for sure! because she stared at me for some time and freaked me out. shit. She knew and she just continued driving her bullet train so I also ignored her and did whatever I was doing. So damn hard. Maybe I hadn't warm up enough. lol. 

For Malaysian Studies, oh oh. I didn't listen to him AT ALL today. Seriously. Because I was sitting at a different seat today. Quite far behind where it was really hard to listen to him. Especially when the person beside me was so willing to talk to me. haha! For your information, I didn't have any good friends with me in Malaysian studies class. So I was always very quiet during the class and I did listen to him. :O *gasp* haha! but today, it was a little different. The person sitting next to me, Chris, I think he was like damn bored already so he kept talking to me. hahahaha! nice person :) sorry Mr.Mohd Izwan ;p

For accounting, um just like that lor. nothing special :p For um, Interpersonal communication, it's still interesting to me :) it's just that I have to get the idea of the whole thing, because I haven't see the point YET. lol, hope so. 

My beloved pjing and jhow are going to meet me in college tomorrow, happy! ;) 

Homework time, ciao!

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