Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Movies nerd

Well, this is going to be boring again. but it's hard to update about the trips because got lotsa pictures to sort out, I am sorrry :(

This is much easier :p but yea, boring. 

In two days time, I had watched four movies. On monday, 


I think this movie is god damn COOL omg! before I watched it I thought I wouldn't going to like this genre of movie but it proved me wrong. I super like it, it's super cool! I don't mind watching it again hahaha! damn cool lah really :D

Tuesday was a public holiday. Well, I spent my time at Aeon again because I needed to buy some notepads from popular. I need nice lecture pads for my courses, seriously! So, buying only took me 10 minutes so for the rest of the time, I went for movies again. 


It's quite cute but I prefer romance :p 

Then when I was about to go home, daddy said he wanted to watch a movie. Oh very well, watched again. This time I was also sitting alone at the front because I got mom and dad couple seat. lol, one person ticket was much easier to be bought lah. :p 

this time, PUNISHED. 

okay, this was really sad. :( 

At night, when I was at home, nothing to do, I decided to watch BLACK SWAN. 
A movie which I wanted to watch since so long time ago, 

but it super freaked me out. I threw the whole disc away after watching this. Damn, izzit for human to watch? it's so inhuman. OMG freaking scary. better don't watch I really freaked out like shit -,-


Today is like really started our classes. have homeworks for calculus 2. For malaysian studies, OMFG I am so embarrassed in class today! wahliu. I memang super lousy in speaking in front of the people. Well, maybe I can still do it if that topic favors me but NO. the topic today is about our dream country and what can you contribute to your country to achieve like your dream country and third, what will you want to be in 25 years time. shit lah, who the hell can contribute to change the country. I write lots of shit on the paper and SO SUILY, sir picks me to share what I write. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I am like stoned in front of the class for so long, in the end I just end by saying 'well, if I have a good life and nobody bothers me, that's fine for me.' wtf what the shit am I saying I also don't know. So dead x.x 

For accounting, well, Mr.Guna is still not interesting for me because I tend to daydream in his class. for interpersonal communication, well it's real fun today :D Miss Anna even asks us to prepare a box of crayon to be used throughout the whole semester, omg so cute lah :) However, I don't think that it will be easy although it's fun. nice studying about how to communicate with people although frankly all of us know how to communicate. But I want to learn using the right way. Thank you Eugene, you lead me to the right way! :D 

Then, in the afternoon, I meet up with a really really really OLD pal of mine. He asked me out. OMG I thought he was just joking at first because we had not been meeting each other for 6 years and out of a sudden, he said he wanna go yam cha -,- what? lol but now I know why. But it's just meeting up with old friend, such a pleasant meeting :) GUYS, I really start missing you all! 

Till then, ciao! :) homeworks time. 

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