Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hey Summer!

I'm sorry for the lack of update!

Finally (sadly), the very short two weeks semester break is over. :(

Well, if you ask if I enjoy the break um, yes I enjoyed half and another half was like bored till death :p haha! I was quite happy and should be contented already actually :) I got to meet up with my beloved old pals, I especially love spending time with them. :) and I went for a trip to taiwan with my dad because my awesome mom even could arrange a last-minute trip for me. How awesome she is :) love you mom!

To be updated :

genting with the beloved pals ♥

Taiwan ♥ 


Oh well, today is the commencement of Summer semester! or is also known as my Second semester! phew, the time goes like damn fast. First semester is really fine, but I don't think I will survive for the second semester. All the subjects seem so hard to me. I am taking Calculus 2 (hardest among all), Accounting 1 (easy at first but NOT easy later), Interpersonal communication (OMFG) and Malaysian Studies (sien dao like shit) lol! I think 3 subjects are still bearable, but four, omg I am killing myself. Although malaysian studies is like a very lame subject, well I still have to spend some time for it right? ugh.

Oh ya, also introduce my lovely lecturers. for calculus she's Miss Theresa, heard that she's kinda strict. My accounting 1 lecturer Mr.Guna, he's soooooooooooooo cute I like him :p hehe! My interpersonal communication lecturer Miss Anna Edward, well she's ........ I don't know how to describle :p lol. And my malaysian studies lecturer aka my very the 'helpful' academic advisor Mr. Mohd Izwan. duh. I hope I have a goooood journey with them :) God Blesss Me :)

Speaking of my timetable, OMG I must thank God like a hundred thousand million of times! I don't have break in between apparently, four classes together from 9.10am till 1.40pm. The good thing is, I can go home early :) don't have to wait for classes. The very bad thing for me is, I CANNOT do homework at the eleventh hour! wth that's actually a huge challenge for me honestly speaking x.x I am so dead but I have to really manage my time well lor. If not I really dead. haha! I love you muahhhhhhhhhhh! -,-

Puhlease, let me have a good time :)

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