Monday, December 12, 2011

Wo bu hao

it has been a really long semester.

I hate you Fall.

* * *

Well, I am here to blog because one of my old friends, he reminded me of my wishlist. He left a comment like this "hey you should really update your wishlist because you said you wished to get your driving license asap but now you are driving like a madperson already" hahaha, it was so nice of him :)

Oh well, another reason would me, THIS PIG slept until 6pm yesterday and now great, I cannot go to bed. I seriously will feel bad if i go to sleep again. The feeling is horrible.

Fyi, my fall semester ended on Friday. and my final exam will be next week. I have two freaking hard + important subjects on wednesday and thursday. I am supposed to be studying and preparing for them but look what am I doing right now, wasting time and be lame. oh great. :(

Ah, feeling so stressed up now.

Oh ya anothing random thought that comes to my mind:

sometimes, when you think of something very simple-ly, but well, in reality things are not so simple. so, better buck up a little bit. think more, and think further.

when are all these shits going to end.
I cannot wait to be freed from these shits dey.

Oh ya, one last thing.
This is the freaking first time that I have no plan for my holiday and my holiday this time will be one and a half month! :D happy but I HAVE NO PLAN. ahhh. Hm, maybe will take up some dance courses to improve on my dancing  *if I don't want to quit ballet* haaaa. and do something serious stuffs like applying to college and bla. :( life sucks right, i know.

signing off.

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