Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well, just got the pictures at the prom. Umm, nothing much and they are all quite blur because we don't have a camera. haha. =P

three of us @ KEC
aiyor, kherching like kena squeezed xp

hahaha. vivian was camwhoring and I accidentally went into the picture. sorry =x

4 of us! =D too bad pjing couldn't make it, if not it would be just perfect =D
And, all are in BLACK!

kailing and kherching

mi re do

while waiting for the prom to start I think.
from the left, kailing, vivian, kherching and xinyi =)

hahaha. I captured this.

vivian and her PARTNER, Irwin.
Just told you, he's really a very gentleman.

xinyi and joshua
sweeeeeeeet =)

And lastly, ME!
my dress is too short =x
so I thank God this picture is blur.

that's all.

by the way, dong zhi is going to end soon and I haven't get to eat even one little biji of tang yuan! so sad =( yorrrrr, mummy faster come home!

And I touched Blackberry! =DDDDDDDD so chiooooooo man.

I want one too! =D

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