Saturday, December 5, 2009

We are happy family =)

my lil sister new hairstyle =)

Woke up in the afternoon. Then, brought my little sister to hair salon for a hair cut. Duh, her hair was so terrible before the hair cut. and now, it looks like that. =) hehehe. NICE? I'll pass her your comments if they're good one. =) teehee. I don't want to hurt her feelings.

Then, I was very diligent to attend gt's class. =) hehehe. Done all her homeworks and read the summary of novel. SO GOOD GIRL. =D wahahahaha! Maybe I skipped too many classes already. Feeling a bit guilty because teh bk told me he couldn't even attend her classes. owh, pity. -,-

After that, it was dinner time! =D hahahaha. Dined with family at FUNA ZUSHI. Yummilicious! woohoooooooo.

camwhored. =x
I love my sister's new hairstyle lah. =D
I also cut a little but there was NO different at all.

After that was shopping session! hehehe. Went to AEON to grab things again. -,- so stupid. Since it was the last day already, OMG, the crowd was like CRAZYYY man. Somemore we left not much time to shop but my dad had a lot to purchase. wahahaha. So he gave up some things and bought those expensive one because they were much cheaper. AND! I wanted to buy a new camera buttttttttttttttttttttttt we have NO TIME. It was too crowded.

I queued a long queue to redeem the gift vouchers. There were A LOT =D yooohoo!! and daddy said those were all for sisters and I. yeeeeeeehaaaaaa!! happy happy happy happy! xp hahaha.

We reached home at about twelve am. -,- super late.

but still, camwhore! xp hahahaha.
black and white!


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