Sunday, December 6, 2009

I love today!

Here, trillion thanks to LEE SI EN for bringing me to Putrajaya for the super awesome concert. =D hehehehe. Also, thanks to Him for his morning calls so that I can wake up on time.

But, I was still late. Quickly dressed myself up and headed to en's house. From her house, we headed together to Putrajaya don't know what what which auditorium. =P
the place looks like a huge spaceship! really huge!

and, I'm inside =)

When I was seated, I noticed that HIS parents were just two seats beside me!
OMG. @.@
I felt so paiseh and smiled a little.
I didn't know if they recognized me.
the first performance was en's sis's one.
nor, his sister there.

en's sis here =)

ending pose.

next was


See the red girl?
She's so attractive to me since the first time I saw her.

spot xiao shuang!?


after the first interval.

After the second interval

Odette from Swan Lake!

Swan Lake

the last performance.

hahaha. My teacher was up there. xp

Concert A ended at about 4.30 pm. I was so exhausted and my eyelids were heavy already. Then, went back to en's house. I was so hungry. Ate a lot at her house. Yummilicious! =D Since my family was busy shopping at Midvalley, we watched "The Sister's Keeper". The movie was quite boring for me but that was the only thing we could do. =) hehehe.

en and I =)

Had a nice day!

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