Sunday, December 20, 2009

The very first time

Well well well, I was very contented yesterday =)

In the morning, I didn't know why, just magically, I woke up on my own. No one had given me a morning call =D wahahaha! first clap for me! haha. =P Got myself dressed up and went to aeon, again.* Hmm, just needed to do something for someone really beloved =)

In the afternoon, en and I planned to buy some cosmetics together. But she was late and I was very indecision and choosy. This was the very first time I buy cosmetics in my life okay. -,- So after we bought everything we needed, we were all late to studio. LOL =x sorry teacher! and thanks to shu min for driving us there =) whee, love you!

There, we quickly prepared ourselves for the christmas party at setia eco park! whee, this was really the first time I celebrated christmas, with lots of lengluis =D hahaha. And, the party was quite nice and enjoying =) And this was also the first time I danced in a party. Woah, so high =) But of course lah, I danced till like cacat-ed. LOL. But the performance was still okay for me =) oh ya, and thanks to the supportive On Zhi Xiang! hahaha. Really unexpected to meet you there but still, happy to see you =D haha.

When the party was over, jieyin drove me home. thank you! =D hahaha.


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