Saturday, December 12, 2009

Girls and family's day

Hang out with my girls today. hahaha =) so happy! Had a nightmare the night before but luckily they could delight my day =) hehehe. Took KTM there =( Reached there, we went straight to old town. xp haha. Pjing asked us to go there but ended up she didn't know where was it. hahaha. Blurrrrr.

We came to shop. We wanted to shop for shoes and dresses, but, we couldn't find any. so sad =( Just bought some casual tee with kherching and the others bought accessories. Due to my early class, viv and I had to leave early again =( yorrrr, very sad one. Always like that, rushed rushed rushed. Took a bus to klang, then taxi back to viv's house, finally my home. LOL.

teehee =D Love the 5 INGs!

After class, went for movie - the Storm Warriors. I don't really like the movie because most of the part are computerized. wahaha. And the actions are so slowwwwwwwww. -,- so sweat! I nearly fell asleep inside. haha. =x shhh.

Then, had my late dinner @ Kinsahi. Not really delicious compared to Funa and also very expensive =x

then, went home, finally.

I miss you. a lot a lot!

Good night =)

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