Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A season to be Merry!

Attended an event last Sunday. It was a Christmas Party by Setia Eco Park! =D haha. This was my very very very first time attending a Christmas Party and I was really hyper that day. Too bad I couldn't dance well. UGH. Anyway, just wanted to share some pictures with you guys. I know I looked ugly in make-ups because performance make-up is really thick, always like that one, bo huat. =(

we were all late that day.
still make-up-ing. XP

the awesome live band!

en and I with the kids

they are sooooooo PRETTTYYY =D envyNYA!

group picture after the party

shumin and the two guys, endao huh xD

another group pictures with the live band women and the staff


Lastly was this! =)
I personally like this picture a lot because I feel that it's very lovely dovely! =D

Anyway, there are still lots of pictures not uploaded yet. If you guys still want to see more, then tell me. =) I'll show but need to wait lah, because I still haven't get them. LOL.

That night was great and memorable! I wouldn't forget my very first Christmas Party ever. wow, thanks to teacher and all my girlfriends =) I love them, a lot! They make me so super duper high and hyper! =P

* * *

This morning I went for training @ HQ. Anyway, I didn't feel really stress this time lah. Don't know why, maybe the trainer is friendly =) hehe. And I had a nice talk with zhihan. hehehe. Congratulations to you and keep it up. Don't give up easily okay? =)

After that I headed to starbucks to meet her! We squeezed our brain and killed 70 percent of our brain cells in hours. We thought a lot, and planned a lot. *She must be appreciative and lucky to have good friends like us. bleh wahahaha =D Anyway, I was really really tired and my eyelids were heavy already.

Came home, had dinner, mummy brought us to Aeon! =D hahahaha. Shiok! And she bought me a new handphone since mine were already dying. Always lag lag lag and restart restart restart! I memang buay tahan! Thanks to mummy! Although my new handphone is so far NOT chio compared to Blackberry, I am very contented and happy already =) hehehehe. I really don't need that kind of high-tech chio handphone. It might burden me. wahaha. =)

Love today!

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