Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I miss Bali.

Seriously, I miss BALI. I don't know why. xp hahaha. I don't like the weather there. I don't like the people there as well. But I just love being there. So relaxing and be with the BIG family makes me feel GREAT! woohoo =) hehehehe.

I want to travel with my friends!!! and I want to travel with the BIG family again! xp hahaha. But too bad, they don't have time. =( Now, I stay at home like rotten apple. OMG. I feel so bored. -,-

Anywhere to go? Yea, there will be a 6s gathering today evening, but soooo BAD I have classes to attend. I can't go. HOW SAD. =( Nevermind, there is still Tomorrow. =P hahahaha. And I am going to watch NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new moon new moon. I'm in edward's team! yeah. I love edward cullen man. =) I'm totally obsessed with him. He's so protective. Bella feels so safe with him. I want that security too! xp hahaha.

TV time. Goodbye =)

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