Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How exhausted

Today is really a very hectic day =) and I love it, but I hate it in another way. How irony =P haha.

Woke up super early in the morning, thanks to His morning call. Hehe. Then, quickly got myself dressed up and went out for a new class. *It's a new class for me. Anyway, that is very not necessary I think. But mum arranged that for me, so I just follow lah. Don't want to disappoint her.* The class was from 10am to 12pm. However, the teacher from China let us go late! yor =( so sad.

Actually I already planned to watch a movie at noon. But I was super late there and made him waited for me. sorry =( So, the movie was off! haha. *Also okay lah, I could go for shopping =P* hahaha. Dined at VIVO. After that was MY shopping hours! hahaha. I just threw all my stuffs to him and shop shop shop. So bad huh, I felt so =P But it was too much more convenient mar! blehh. haha. Ah, coincidentally, I met xiao shuang and her mother there. Gosh, so embarrasing. Especially when I talked to en on the phone, I could feel that the atmosphere on the other side was very very noisy, since they were on class trip. Okay lah of course I talked louder. wuiseh, no image already. XP she and her mother stood there laughing at me and he just walked away like he never knew me. XP hahaha. I'm like that! Accept what I am okay? =P

ah, I also met Aaron there. OMG, what a coincidence. Feeling very paiseh when I waved to him. Of course I bought something. I got a casual footwear, a jacket and .... what else? ah, a black dress. And I looked so kinnasai when I fit myself in that dress =( so sad.

When it was 4 in the afternoon, rushed for dance practice. Gosh, it took me 2 hours. Then, teacher sent me home and when it was 7.30pm, I went there again for class! Again the same, 2 hours! Now, I feel like my foot are not touching the ground, and my muscles are soooooooooo hot and painful. They are burning! =( I know 4 hours are not long, but you know, my muscles are too suai liap liao. They couldn't bear even little hours of exercises. =(

Then, I came home.

Hahahaha, tomorrow I'm going to shop again! It's dress hunting day. haha.

Good night loh everyone!

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