Monday, December 7, 2009


- You -

First Name : shuping

Nickname : Apple

Name you wish you had : I don't think I have.

What do people normally mistake your name for : suping ish!

Birthday : 22nd of September sixteen years ago.

Birthplace : a small hospital in Seberang Perai, Penang.

Time of Birth : 8 something at night.

Single or taken : taken.

Zodiac sign : VIRGO =)

- Your Appearance -

How tall are you : 155-158cm. I don't know the exact one.

Wish you were taller : of course! at least 160cm.

Eye colour : Asian usually have only black eyes.

colour you want : ummm, brownish?

Natural Hair color : Asian usually have black hair.

current Hair color : I never dye my hair. so black.

Short or long hair : long.

Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : I just mentioned it.

last time you did something dramatic with your hair : I guess never.

Glasses or contacts : sometimes glasses sometimes contacts.

Do you wear make-up : nopie.

Ever had hair extensions : nope.

Paint your nails : just toenails.

- In the Opposite Gender -

What color eyes : black lah.

What color hair : black lah.

Shy or Outgoing : can I say shy? =)

Looks or personality : the latter.

Sexy or Cute : cute.

Serious or Fun : um, sometimes serious sometimes fun.

Older or Younger than you : older by half a year.

A turn on : off.

A turn off : on. don't know what's these!

- This or That -

Flowers or Chocolates : chocolatessssssss!!!!

Pepsi or Coke : pepsi.

Rap or Rock : rock!

Relationship or One-night stand : duh, relationship.

School or Work : school.

Love or Money : both must present.

Movies or Music : movies.

Country or City : city.

Sunny or Rainy days : rainy.

Friends or Family : sometimes friends sometimes family.

- Have You Ever -

Lied : yes. to my parents =x

Stole something : no!

Smoked : yerrrrrrrrr, NEVER!

Hurt someone close to you : maybe.

Broke someone's heart : definitely.

Had your heart broken : sometimes.

Wondered what was wrong with you : always.

Wish you were a prince / princess : who never?

Liked someone who was taken : no.

Shaved your head : never.

Been in love : currently.

Used chopsticks : I'm a chinese duh.

Sang in the mirror to yourself : sometimes.

- Favourites -

Flower : the white white colour one. Don't know what's that. xp

Candy : too much!

Song : ummmm, idk.

Scent : nice.

Color : white.

Movie : new moon.

Singer : don't know.

Word : omg!

Junk food : anything.

Website :,,,!

Location : shopping malls.

Animal : tell you! I HATE ANIMALSSSSSS!

Ever cried over someone : sure.

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : my eyes, my tummy, my height! oh, and my TEETH! =(

Do you think you're attractive : never.

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose : can I say Twilight saga is a fairytale? =D

Do you play any sports : Is dancing a sport?

- The Rules -

Link to your taggers and post these rules.

List eight random facts about yourself and tag eight people.

1. I'm not pretty.
2. I'm crazy.
3. I'm blur.
4. I always daydream.
5. I love him.
6. I love my family.
7. I love my besties.
8. I love to shoppppppppppppppp!

simple enough huh =)

- Tags -

1. pjing =D
2. vivian!
3. kailing =D
4. eric
5. tracy =D
6. zhihan - tag you back xp
7. jil =D
8. yingjing

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