Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Went to Sunway Pyramid =D hahaha. Early in the morning, He morning called me so that I would wake up. Thanks to Him lah, if not I sure overslept again. Headed to Klang KTM station. Seriously, I prefer to go by bus because the KTM always delay the arrival time. HMPH. stupid one.

Once we reached there, we went for early lunch at canton bay. Lol. The whole restaurant was vacant until after we left. hahaha. Then, shopped for a while until one something. Then it was movie time - NEW MOON!!!! xp hahaha. After movie, we shopped again and had some dessert @ Honeymoon =D YUMMILICIOUS! hahaha. We also had finger-licking KFC cheeeesssyyy wedges! hehe. Before we went back, we bought two cupcakes. umm, they are quite okay. Ate a lot huh? sigh* I guess I will be gaining weight again.

But luckily, I had two hours class at night. =) hehe. Maybe I could burn some calories? *-)

after class.

NEW MOON!!!!!!!

awwwwwwwwwww =D


teeheee =D

At first I don't like Jacob at all.
But after the movie, I find that he's actually a very nice guy =D

I hate this moment.


Bella =)

I'm in team Edward! bleh.
Again, I love today =DDDDDDD

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