Monday, December 14, 2009


So EMO today. =(

I feel so sad lah. Sigh* I hate to see people around me EMO-ing okay. Just think simple. And there is really nothing for you to be EMO. Always emo emo emo. I know I also do that always lah. =P But please, emo a while okay already. Don't keep on emo-ing. I really buay tahan!

I already stay at home today. What more do you want? huh? I really don't understand. And, this is totally HELL! hell hell hell wth. *I apologize if I am behaving rude here.


Anyway, I need to maintain my current weight. No need to lose weight and NEVER gain weight. hahaha. XP that's what my teacher told me. LOL.

Shake shake shake. shake the stupid fats OFF!


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