Friday, December 11, 2009

Shopping spree: off

Kay kay. I don't mean to spoil your eyes huh =P hahaha. Umm, finally, auntie brought me to the nearest shopping mall - AEON. =( I really didn't know what to do at aeon lah. So boring there.

Anyway, I tried to find dresses at Nichii but failed. I also tried to search for pretty white heels but failed also. duh. I memang don't know how to shop d lah. =( So pek cek. And, I don't have money to spend. xp hahaha. Still owe my brother RM50 loh. =x Just ate a piece of cheese cake at secret recipe and went back with nothing. Actually I wanted to find viv there, maybe we could chit chat. but she's off to work. xp haha. Because the bags got to be sold off very fast! The females were grabbing bags during happy hours 80% discount. SIAO -,-

there, Aeon Christmas decoration.

these are all plastic bottles. ah, GO GREEN.

I think it would be better if they paint them. IDK.

ah, I want to go shopping with my besties =D

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