Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm on a shopping spree!

stupid messy hair

well well well, I am notified that today and tomorrow both days are J card day. -,- Blurh, I hate these days.

Anyway, I still go to aeon. I find that a lot of my friends are working! OMG, I also want to work with them =( really want! people go working, I go shopping. wth!? Can I learn to earn my own money and save papa's money? hmph. I am angry with myself!

Bring my two sisters there. First, shop at the ladies department. OMG, soooo crowded. I hate to shop in that condition. Therefore, I just grab whatever I like there without trying. I am so lazyyyyyyy. Ended up, all too big size. xp hahaha. NVM duh, shop next time. xp hahahaha.

My sisters buy a lot too =) and the little sister is happy! Because this is the very first time I bring her to shopping. I'm glad, so glad. If she's happy, I'm happier. =) really! hehehehe.

Then, have dinner at sakae sushi. =) hehehehehehe.

I love you. =)

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