Thursday, December 10, 2009


Ummmmm, I think I need to see a dentist. My teeth are getting worse. =( I don't know what should I do. Just now, I read some articles about braces. OMG!? I dare not to fix that thing on my teeth! I really have goosebumps! Gelinya. Yuckx.

Forget about that. Anyway, He text me to ask me to skip gt's class tomorrow morning. AH, should I? Actually I already feel so guilty for skipping her classes. Sigh* Skip or not? Ah i know. Let the fate choose. hehehe. Whether I can wake up on time, we'll see tomorrow =)

* * *

Just now taught my brother Form 1 Geografi. I sudah mau muntah darah!!!!!!!!!!! wth? He asked me what "unsur" means? How to tell him. Duh, I really feel like whacking him. HPMH. Sorry, I know that I am really cruel. =) hehehehe.

Just feel free to blog. So, a random one.

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