Friday, April 10, 2009

Daddy the great cook.

hehehehe. =) these days i am definitely gaining weight. know why ? because my daddy has a super good mood to be in the kitchen after dinner. I still remember, one evening i accidentally told him I want to eat mee suaaa =p hahaha. then he immediately go and buy mee sua and cook for me. And it tastes sooooooooooo GOOD !! Two thumbs up !! xD hahaha.

Then yesterday my little brother wanted to eat tang yuan =P, then now he's making sweet-home-made tang yuan, somemore got rectangular tang yuan. zzz -.- hahaha. And, it tastes GOOOOD too. xD haha. thumb up for him again !

Everyone says that his fried chicken is the best in klang, so tomorrow he's doing it again for us. =) hahaha. omg, i must control my diet seriously ! ish !! my mum is peeking at me. xD haha. bye bye guys. =D

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