Thursday, April 30, 2009

Three 'years' time to go.

Three more days to go. To be precise, three days and a half to go. =( Owh, this three days will be the longest period in my life, one day will be equal to one year. so? three days, three years.

It's soooo long =(

People start to wish us good luck. But, please don't. I appreciate your greetings but this will make me feel a little pressure. xD I don't hope to get anything back from there. So, just relaxxxxx =) Anyway, trying my best is a MUST. I try not to disappoint everybody but "YOU" are exceptional. You know who are "YOU" .



  1. i'm not giving u any pressure..
    but then i still have to wish u all good luck in ur state competition..
    of course, dont give urself pressure too..
    just relax..and do what u have learned before that..

    what u paid will return on that day..
    so do ur best...