Monday, April 6, 2009

Hahahaha =)

hahahahaha ! Finally, today i can step out of my room. hehe. xD Actually I want to follow my sister to sunway, but my time doesn't allow me to do so. Therefore i just go to the near one - aeon.

I don't enjoy my time there seriously, just have some accompanion for an hour. xD hahaa. Nevermind, i should be satisfied. =) And i realize, I can't shop without any companions. zzzz.

UB's coming. My daddy actually gives me a little pressure because he don't want me to get a badddddd result. xD hahaha. I need to study for this time then. But, I really hate science !!!!!! T.T can i switch to another stream pleaseee ? *-) hehehe.

* currently in a sleeping mood. oik oikkkkk =) *

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