Sunday, April 5, 2009

beggar's chicken is so expensive.

ohhhh, today daddy brings all of us to banting to eat beggar's chicken. Most of the food there must BOOK first. zzzzz =.= if you don't book, you cannot eat. apa la tuuuuuuu. so funny one.

Five plates cost us RM 200. is expensive right ? just chicken, pork, vege, rice and soup !!!!! I wonder what the chicken and the pork eat. =P

And, i am gaining weight. arhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!! help me. I need a supervisor to control my diet so that i can cut down on the intake of food. If i rely on myself, it's actually IMPOSSIBLE to reach my goal. hahahaha.

everyone wish me GOOD LUCK ! xD hahahaha.

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