Thursday, July 22, 2010

Korean BBQ

It had been a long time since the last time I smiled like this. haha!

Well, went to Aeon with my beloved en after school. Tracy lah, ffk-ed us :P
Actually we wanted to have sushi but ended up having late lunch at KOREAN BBQ
yummy yummy! hehehehehe

En :)

All the tables were vacant

Yes, it was time to eat! :DDDD

Sigh, we ordered chicken, should be ordering beef one but it was too expensive bu she de. :P
but not bad also lor :) Just a little too much.

wheee, done!

my favourite of all - GINSENG CHICKEN SOUP!
slurppp ~

Lol, we ate for almost two hours.

had a really pleasant lunch with her ;)

Suddenly feel like going to korea.
Went there once but I think I was too young at that time.
I didn't know how to enjoy the fun.

Must Go Again!

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