Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bon Odori

I went to Bon Odori for the very first time this year.
And, I memang cannot stand the crowd!

When you look at this picture, it seems like okay. But when you got down there, oh I didn't know how would you feel but I felt like gasping for oxygen.

I got nothing to do there seriously. ><
I went to the food area, I love japanese food the most already (except for sashimi :P),
I saw super crowdy queue at every stall.
Instantly, I told my sister "ah, I am full liao. Don't want to eat already."

I only managed to take this FEW pictures there because the people who cut my queue made me a little PMS ;P hahahaha!

I heard that other people had fun there!

Owh, I think I missed the fun since I went there pretty late.
I couldn't even find a friend because maxis also complaint of too many people :P hahaha!
Gah, I am just being lame.

maybe I went with the wrong person! hahahahahahaha.
Joining this kind of event with friends would be much more enjoyable,
I suppose.

Haha, I hope that somebody will tell me how fun Bon Odori is so that I will go again next time to join the fun!

* * * * *

School today was okay.
Someone made me sad, cheh!
But my buddies made me so happy :)

We discussed about places which we can go after spm.
It's time for holidays!!!!!! I can't wait for spm to come, and go of course. hehe.

Had one paper in the morning - Physics. Damn I hate it.
 Yet, I didn't regret studying in science stream because my friends are mostly there :P  

So, I wonder what is my future going to be. I hate science, dislike account and don't have any talent in art. 
My mum says then I better stop studying and go work for her. Ish, I tak mau jadi pengemis nanti. ;( she obviously looks down on me cheh. 
Anyway, might be going for some A-level stuffs. Hmmm. 
And I believe that life later will be much tougher. Oh I hate it. 

Should appreciate my high school life now :)  

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