Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sorcerer's Apprentice

is amazing, cool, cute and it's just awesome! :D

It's something worth watching, especially for those who hate physics.
I don't know whether the physics concept in the movie is right or it's just some sort of magical thingy, I finally learn to appreciate the beauty of physics. hahahaha!
(Yes, I do learn phyiscs but I actually know nothing about physics, so excuse me) :P  

It sounds weird for me to say that I like physics.
I don't like, just I don't hate it that much anymore.

Go go go go watch it :D hahaha!

But, if you find it very boring or what don't blame me. hahaha, everyone has different opinions.

Cute Dave and Becky :)

I also want to watch Inception and Despicable Me very much!
But I heard that Inception is very hard to be understood. -,- I heard lah.

* * *

Me in school today was super sleepy.
I slept like for almost every period except for BI and Add Maths.

I wouldn't sleep during add maths class because I love the teacher ;) hehe!
I couldn't sleep during bi class because that ugh teacher woke me up -,-
and she said: you had a good nap huh, and you talked in your dream or nap something like that.

I think she will give me a not so good testimonial when I graduate. hahaha!

Rescue me from this boring life!  

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