Sunday, July 25, 2010

Craze's Day!

Happy Birthday to Tracyyyy! again :P

We met at Mr.Kaya outside of her house at 8pm yesterday :)
Me, tracy, si en (the latest), bk, zhangyik, eric, yungwen, weileong and bing turned up :D
Had a good laugh while eating! ish, made me had a stomachache.

Tracy's expression was kinda funny :P

Okay, suddenly en turned up with the cake on her hand.
duh, everyone saw it lah x) hahahaha! so surprise plan failed.
We celebrated with her in the house :)

Making wishes!

After blowing the candles ;)

Birthday girl :D

Cut the cake! Mango mousse from lavender :)

They said must let her kena cream x)

The cake looked sibeh ugly after that, and we had to eat it! >< 
somemore one of her hairs dropped on the cake lor! hahahahahaha XP

hehehehehe nobody got to play her successfully, only one little cream on the nose.

and the specs.

Let's have our group picha ;D

macam kek sai jek xP

no face to see people x)


eric and yungwen :)

Then, headed to the guest room to talk!

People started to go home.
Left the 6 sohai who always stay up the latest. haha!

So, we started taking pictures.

Take one:
normal one :)

Take two:

Take three :

Take four:
blehhhhhh :P

Take five:
walao this one hor!
All of us agreed to take a dai dai nerdy picture already.
Then everyone prepared for that.
the outcome was like this!
The three guys behind cheated us ughhhhhhhhhh -,-
Made us looked more like nooby lah x)
Bad people! XD

But, I still like this :)

Love you guys! ♥

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