Friday, July 16, 2010

Info Hunters

with my beloved crazeeeee! :D

Participated in the Info Hunt,
I didn't participate in this kind of activities usually, I just wanted to skip classes. hahaha! 
Who doesn't want to? :P  

my beloved bing!

and my beloved en :D

Okay, so we were in the first group. So, we went to hunt first. hahahahaha!
It was a good experience for me.
I sucks in that!

The questions were just so tricky, lame (for me) and illogical.
hahahaha, I just didn't know how to figure the answers out.
I wondered how the champion did that, they were superb :D

My s1 Red Devil Group! :DDDDDDD
Cheeseng, Weeminn, Khoonkheng, Me, En, Bing and Crazee!

While we were waiting for the other groups hunting, we camwhored! hahahaha.

CRY ;(

Acting COOL :D
okay I looked very boyish.

Dai - - - -


Damn nice I love this one :D
We all just looked like kindergarten children hahahaha so nerdy.

Somemore acted lansi. :P

this was the champion ;D
SUPER BANANA group! hahahaha ;)
But the guy who discussed the questions with us said that yungwen had half of our female hormones because he believed that girls always do better than guys in info hunt, because guys are always careless. hahahaha!
Yungwen proved him wrong!

With my 6s buddies ;D

Lastly, took a group picture!

We had four groups but all of us lost. :P
Nevermind lah as long as it was fun! :D


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