Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 4 - Free and Easy

The fourth day in shanghai, parents were getting sick so we decided to go nowhere. :(
I got so bored so I went for shopping nearby the hotel.

shopping mall behind,
quiet like anything, it was like nobody was there except for us.

Bought a little things then headed back to hotel.

this is my brother!

I couldn't tahan staying in the hotel,
so I went to the shopping mall opposite. :P

Bought this, very very yummy!

Had banana boat with the siblings. :) not bad.

Little sister kacau kacau wanna buy shoes.

Mum did nail spa.

And we were like waiting idiotly for her. x)

At night, daddy's friend was belanja-ing us dinner again. hahahaha!
owh, same thing, super duper lots of dishes and many leftovers.

this was after, I think it had no difference before it was served. ISH! so wasteful lah.

I was super full.
Went back to hotel and I should call it a day. hahahahahaha!
how boring.

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