Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 5 - Suzhou

Went suzhou on the fifth day because we had nowhere to go in shanghai. LOL.
Fortunately got a tour guide and he brought us to places like this.

Saw my sister's and my last name?
Wishing ribbon.

And we tied it here.

Had lunch at

Alright, it was the best noodles I had ever had in china.
So yummmmmyyy! but a bit oily lah :\

Next destination was

Almost all stones and water. Nothing else to see besides those. -,- hahahahaha!
I didn't know how to appreciate the beauty of those, so forgive me. x)

Saw special leaves there.

Next was

Mereka ni tidak bermoral. Sigh*

All grass and flowers and trees and all.

 Stones here.
Yuan Yang :D

I had a severe flu that day.
So kang kor.

Quite a special corridor.
It wrote all the festivals celebrated in china along the pathway.

Worse thing, it was raining a bit that day.

Sek Hu. Understand? :P

I'll never read huge books like that.
Because I am an ANTIBOOKS.

I looked quite sick.
Wanted to sneeze but couldn't sneeze ugh.

Imitating the lady :P

Camwhored in the boat.

And a pretty lady was singing for us.

At night, we went to ..... somewhere for shopping and dinner.
Bought nothing there but I tasted the most delicious 花须糖 ever! :D
It was very sweet but not too sweet. So nice :) I miss it already.

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