Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friends are simply love

Friends are loves :D

I love being together with my buddies. The really good buddies.
I can always act like nobody on earth is looking at me with them.

Ah, I feel so good :)

* * *
This morning, I planned to revise my add maths with my INGs, but only pjing turned up because she stays so near to centro. :D
Jiunn how came too to help us because he is sort of an add maths pro. :P

But, ended up, I studied only one chapter. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.
I hate myself man. Went there from morning 9 something until afternoon 4 o'clock and I just did ONE chapter.
Ugh, I couldn't believe that I was sooooo duo luo ;(

Other time was chatting with both of them :) hahahahahaha!
I love to talk ------ lalalalala! hahaha.

Anyway, fun time passes really fast.
After that I went for my ballet class.

At night, I had a gathering with the buddies at Mr.Kaya :)
Zhangyik drove me there! wooohoo, how good of him.
I was wondering how to go home and he volunteered to fetch me back.
Ahhh, having a friend who knows how to drive Safely of course is one of the greatest thing on earth when you don't know how to drive.

We talked crap and shit and laughed like anything there.
I was so happy with them :)

Then we actually planned to surprise craze one because that midnight is her birthday but we failed because si en showed up too early.
And, clever her should know what we are going to do for her. cheh! not fun liao.
hahahahaha, anyway, we still acted sohaily by trying to surprise her in front of her house but stupid wind failed us because the candles would not light up. -,-

Then, we did a lot of considered stupid things in her house lah.
ah, all of us are lame x) hahaha!

I just can't wait for the pictures and
craze's canon s90 camera really takes fabulous pictures!
Stay tune ;D

Midnight, sister wanted to sleep already. 
Ah, honestly I felt so paiseh because she needs to wait for me to open the gate. 
So, zhangyik drove me home with bk and eric in the car as well. 

thanks a lot guys :D 
I love you all so much! 
We are lame but it's fun! 

Have an awesome day tomorrow :D
love you always ♥ :)

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