Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Melody, Harmony, Love

Finally I had a precious time with my 5INGs! :D
All the five of us went to Bomba Mut :)

Alright, the event was in the afternoon, so we planned to study at starbucks in the morning :)
since exam is getting nearer.

who knew, I forgot to bring all my revision books!
so went there and chit chatted all the way. :P

Then we went to have lunch at Flavour :D

A sweet pic of Kailing :)

We wanted to take a taxi to school. But we found none.
Thus, we walked to the opposite road hoping to get a taxi.

Then we found that it was actually very near to school already.
Haiya, terus walked to school omg! the weather was so damn hot -,-

I walked the fastest because I wanted to reach school faster :P hahaha!

Finally! at kaki bukit, our most favourite place in school.

Took some pictures
this was one of the lovely ones.

five of us :)
♥ shupING, peejING, kailING, kherchING, yingyING ♥

Went to the dataran and met with eemunjie :)

nice pictures with them :)

Woohoo vivian took nice pictures :D
looking sweet ♥

the greenies of the day, me, viv and kailing!

Well, snack bar behind us.

the formal emcees

Opening Ceremony

I love those love-shaped balloons! aren't they lovely?

First performance of Janice and Jessie :)

Then it was lunch time.
We went to our table and found this ♥

SWEETS on swings! hahahahahah very nice ;)

kl and pj were surrounded by LOVES!

Owh this is love ;)

After lunch,

Drawing us on our balloon! ♥

Then, lots of performances -

It was just like last year, there was an earth minute, but not at night already.

Five of us again ♥

Girls, you all will always burn in my heart ♥

one minute was over! LOL

Take my hands ~  lalalalalalalala waltz dance by the form fives.


Yay, went to the kaki bukit again!

A sweet pic of kailing and peejing ♥

whee I really missed your bright smile :D


Another sweet pic of kailing :) muakx!

and a very natural pic of peejing with our love balloon! :)
Love you!

to my INGs,

We know each other by fate.
Get together by choice.
and still
Be together by decision.

No matter where you are in the future,
you all will always be in my heart :)

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