Monday, July 12, 2010

Farewell Svenja,

we will miss you :)

had a dinner with Svenja and the classmates on a Sunday night at Lucky 10.

People were eating.
Hmmm, the food was just okay there but the nicest would be CHEESE OMELETTE!
OMG, zhixiang and en! I miss this food :D

Started taking pictures,

Chit-chatting and having some fun,

Duh, eric what happened to you!? X)

Eric, Jiawei and Weeminn.
take one

Take 2!

with my classmates :)

We were very sad because svenja was leaving us. :(

When she first came to my class, I didn't dare to talk to her at all. Because my english was very very bad.
Until form five, when she sat beside the person behind me, I started talking to her a little.
Although we were not that close, I would always remember you in my heart :)
You are a nice girl, svenja!

How are you?
I hope that you are doing well there :)

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