Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sleepyhead, still

I am still a sleepyhead.

Planned to study chinese yesterday midnight but I fell asleep. :(
I thought I would wake up late in the night like twelve, or maybe one am.

Who knew, when I woke up this morning, I missed my aunty's car ISH!
Luckily mom was there to fetch me to school :P hahaha!

I thought I would not oversleep already after so many times of oversleeping.
But, sleepyhead is still a sleepyhead, never change. -,-

Can someone introduce me some kind of magical alarm clock which can really wake a sleep pig? 
I can't find any.

* * * 

In school, nothing much happened. 
As usual, was a boring school day.
Almost everyone was doing add maths in class, but not me. 
I was loitering around from seats to seats, taking pictures and distracting people. hahaha! 

And, stupid discipline board carried out a hair-spot-check today. 
LOL! I knew we have many new botak heads. hahahaha!
It is just like when I was in primary school where all the guys were in botak heads. 

During recess, suddenly renlin came to find bk to ask him shave his hair too! 
Oh My Gosh, his head is already very small. He needs hair to make his head huge.  
hahahaha, couldn't imagine if he is in botak head. he'll be looking very funny, like a kid.

Anyway, I didn't object in this matter.
Is his hair, he can cut it if he likes it. :) hahahaha!

* * *

Does anyone notice some Unidentified Flying Object, or known as UFO in the sky recently?
I'm getting a little curious about it. *-)

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