Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 3 - World Expo

Day 3 in Shanghai, finally we decided to go to World Expo.
We took a komuter there.


My just woke up face. :P

Can you see that?! there was so super many people waiting to go into World Expo.
Super scary man, this was just the behind part. In front there were two more huge crowds like that! Damn siao.

Finally got into the expo compound and took a mini car to head to don't know which area.

There were lots of pavilions inside.
I just simply took the pictures hehehe.


Netherlands pavilion

Croatia Pavilion

Nigeria pavilion

Tunisia Pavilion

Pavilion of United States of America.

Colombia pavilion

Brazil Pavilion GOALLLL!!!

Then we visited the USA Pavilion.

LOL, nothing much inside. :P

Pavilions again:

Visited the Slovenia Pavilion.

Lagi nothing, walked one round then came out d. Sweat -,-

Then brother complaint of hunger so we bought pizza for him.
Ew, even pizza there was not nice.

Daddy found this Argentina restaurant nearby Argentina Pavilion :) 
So we decided to escape from the crowd and we had a really perfect lunch here. 
No smoking, no noises.  

And the atmosphere was perfect.

Menu made of genuine hair of a cow.
GELINYA x) but very soft. ew.

The casing was made of flour hahahahaha! can eat one if you dare to.

I was happy!

So after lunch we visited the Argentina Pavilion. hahahahahahaha!
Just beside the restaurant.

Nothing much inside too. Just beautfiul lighting. hahahahaha.

Visited South Africa Pavilion too - FIFA!
my zodiac - rooster.

then this.

Lol, there was almost all jungles and water.

Pavilions again :

England Pavilion.

Stupid picture of my sister :P



Sepanyol I think.
I have bad memories.

Visited the Belgium Pavilion instead of Sepanyol Pavilion because the queue there was very ki siao.
After world war two or one? Ish IDK XP

Belgium chocolates my favourite :D

Pavilions again :

I think you all can differentiate which is which. hehehehe.

Finally visited Australia Pavilion.

Gosh it was just so ki siao! why so many people one! I couldn't even move an inch. SHIT.

There was a performance inside. aboutttttt ..... forgotten. hahahaha!

New Zealand




Lastly, presented you MALAYSIA PAVILION :D hahahahahahaa!
I didn't go inside, because all of us were very very tired liao.
World Expo is super huge.


We left World Expo before the sun set.
Because daddy's friend was belanja-ing again. hahahahaha!
Took komuter to Shanghai Tower.

and had a dinner at

It was at night already.

Night view of Shanghai Tower.

Shanghai is a really really busy city.
I banyak beh tahan the local people there.
Most of them smoke, drink and they are rude!
They super like to cut queue don't know why, cannot wait one cheh. -,-

Anyway, world expo is not a fun place as I have expected before going. 
Nothing special to see there, maybe yes but in those popular pavilions which you need to queue for hours to visit. 
hahahahaha, so obviously I just went into short queue-pavilion. 


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