Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Stupidity

Hahahahahahaha! Sunway Lagoon, we will return!

Alright, it was Tuesday 8.6.
We planned to go cycling at Bukit Cahaya after Sunway Pyramid.
Who knew that we xin xue lai chao suddenly wanted to play at Lagoon.
Bought everything we needed and headed to Sunway Lagoon.


Rm10, 20, 30, 40, 50 ........
Oops, we had not enough money!? :(
So damn sad Lagoon plan was called off.

We were all very bu shuang lor, so went to redbox! hahahaha.
so funny we actually booked the 1pm session which costed rm8, without lunch.
12pm session one, rm12 with lunch!

ishhhhhh, so stupid right?
We quickly went to cancel the 1pm session and went in immediately.

There we were.

There was a bad odour in the room. ewwww!

But the food was better than greenbox one. hehehe!

Look at en's expression! hahahaha.

Went to take a bus back to Klang.

Camwhored in the bus! hahahahahaha :P

Ehhhhhh, suddenly we saw something like wet park in shah alam.
Quickly got down from the bus and walked to the so-called "wet park" hahahaha!
No one knew where wet park was.

So we walked walked walked walked walked.

Oh, it was wet world actually! hahahahaha.
No wonder even taxi drivers didn't know where "wet park" is.

RM10 per person! My gosh! so sibeh cheap. heheheheheh!
six person in wet world equals to one person in lagoon.
So big difference! -,- But of course, the facilities also got a big difference! hahaha.

en, tracy and I :)

Guys were acting like retards.

Not bad lah. LOL, don't complain :x

Walking back to take a bus.
Suddenly eric told us that he wanted to pangsai! hahahaha.
So we waited for him.

The public transport is so super lousy.
Waited and waited and waited and no bus came.

Okay finally we saw a bus to Klang but the stupid driver told us that his bus was going to sunway.
He asked us to wait for another bus so we waited stupidly but no bus came.

Couldn't wait d lah.
Take taxi ba!
So expensive :(

So conclusion, six of us spent more than 100 ringgit for public transport. UGH.

Nevermind, went to bukit tinggi for dinner!
Yummilicious! :) hehehehehe.

Had a great day with my buddies!

This is the picture which I like the most! :D

Buddies forever!  teehee :D

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