Sunday, June 20, 2010


On Friday, I went to sleep overnight at zhihan's place.
We always do that, but this would be the last time. :)

Had a pleasant night.
We talked about ghost stories and we were so scared until five of us squeezed ourselves on one sofa.
phewwwww x)

I was not studying there, I only made breakfast for the team.  hehehehe.
(I only like to do that!)

same sandwich in every competiton we had gone through.
seriously, I miss this food! :D

we're not sleeping early.
we tried to figure out hairstyles which suited us but FAIL. hahahahahah!

The next morning we woke up early and headed to HQ.
We were very late! aiya, normal lah :x

On the way to Pusat Latihan Polis (PULAPOL), a place which all form 5 fellows knew because Othman Yusof had been here. :P ish!

A random shot at pulapol, that place is really huge.

We were staying in a dometry. My gosh, the worst place ever.
so dirty and GELI.

Puan Lim quickly helped us to set our hair before lunch.
She's really good :)

Being very informal! yeepiii, love it! hahahahaha :D

After lunch was written test, hoho. I didn't even know how to do.
I never studied because I already gave up before participating. hahahaha!
Good friends knew how I felt.
That was my down-est period ever.

Then was don't know what opening ceremony? Followed by foot drill.
UGHHHHHHH, I was very very very very angry in the ceremony.
Parliar one, I tried to hold back my anger but I couldn't.
So, at last I still broke down in front of all people. hahahahaha!
And, I didn't go for the uniform checking because I just couldn't stop crying! hahahahaha.

By the way, I cried because I was very angry but not because that I had pressure. LOL!
Please get this clear lor.
I didn't give myself any pressure because since I was forced there, I would have gave up! right? hahahaha, I knew that I was very bad. I was so sorry for that.

Foot drill session was coming next. I must tahan tahan tahan! hahahaha.
So I quickly got ki siao then everything was fine again.

Went for foot drill and I was very glad that the first day ended! yay!

At night, there was some sort of suai kenal session is it? Idk lah, so lame.
We was in the same group with johor people. erhem, no comment about them.

At night! sleeping time but eww, it was very hard to sleep there because the room was so scary, dirty. ><

the next morning, same thing again, wore our full-u and waited in the hall.
Look I was yawning! hahahahahahaha. Morning mar, people were sleepy!

This was a better one. All the four teams from selangor.
Seriously, I feel so shameful to say that I am from selangor! hahahaha. Because, I went to lose!

While waiting for our turn to do home nursing and first aid.

Alright, KL is very beautiful. I hope that I could fly out there and go shopping at suria klcc. -,-

Waited waited and waited, did first aid and home nursing!
well, although we did very badly, I didn't mind. I knew we had done our very best. (I have no best to do) haha!

I was sooooooooooooooooooooo hyper after everything was over! :)
I couldn't wait to go home after that.

Went back to our dometry (well, I don't know how to spell), did my last bed making in my life! hahahahaha.

I was so happy already!
Everything was over! :)

Must celebrate ah! :)


Feeling Good! :)

 Crunchy crunch!

Our name tags. BYE BYE!


Then OREO! OH no, we were so full.

So we went to the hall and took some pictures. hehehehehe.
With the ambulance team.

From the right, zhihan, me, zhiyin, nyeehuey, hueykhim.
(according to our numbers)

our hairstyle! hahahahahaha.
Thank you Puan Lim :)

Tuan Lim and Puan Lim.
Both of them are really nice people :)
Thank you.

I like this picture the most! hahahaha, the super tall Puan Lim is finally as short as us. haha.

They are from Kedah :)

Goodbye St.John! :)

Although I don't like you, still thank you for teaching me lots of new stuffs.
I won't blame myself if I regret to leave you one day.


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