Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Bing!

It was Wednesday 09.06 :)
We had an early birthday lunch with BING @ Sabi Wasabi! :)

Below were the food! YUM YUM!

Satisfying Lunch! :)
The last miso soup was mine! hehehehe, I was feeling not very well so I was actually hoping the soup could help to ease my discomfortness. hahaha!

They were eating scallop!
Yummilicious too bad I didn't eat one.
Because there were only 3 in a plate.
So, I was being a good girl let the elders ate! hahahahahaha :P

Then, when bing went to the toilet,
we quickly prepared the cake :)

I think she got a bit shock! hahaha ;)
It was a black forest cake from secret recipe, one of her favourites :D

After singing a birthday song for her, she made wishes! :D
She made good wishes for everyone of us! wheeee!

Her second wish I think. :)

Then, blew the candle.

See, she was very happy :D

And, cut the cake!!!! :D
Time to eat yums!

The girls :)
Me, En, Tracy, and Bing!

They said must wear like that. x)
Bottom one is mine, left one is en's, right one is bing's, and the top one is crazy's!

Walked to Aeon because after that we had a movie with 5s1.

Too bad I decided to go home before the movie because I was feeling really bad.
Somemore I was going to shanghai the next day so I must take good care of myself.

Went home, had a fever. ISH.
Nah, forget about it. hahahaha!

Happy Birthday Bing :D
Had a great afternoon with you girls.

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