Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 2 - Shanghai

The second day we just travelled around in Shanghai.

Hotel provided breakfast.

After breakfast, we were all waiting for the car.
So, brother and sister wanted to take picture outside. LOL!

Although it was already summer, but the weather was very good. Not too hot, and not too cold. :)
somemore very windy.

Finally, our shifu (driver) came already.
He brought us to .......... um I forgotten the name of the place. hahaha!

I never smelled chou tou fu. That was the first time. EWWWW, super disgusting but there were a lot of stalls selling this. -,-

This looked nice but I didn't try any.

This was also quite interesting.

Straw in the bun! hahahahahahaha.
SO funny, first time seeing this -,-

But we bought this, not bad lah but food in Malaysia is always the best.

Lunch time


There was a long queue I thought it was really really super duper nice.

but cheh, normal nia x)

Long sifu punya xiao long bao is more delicious.

Sot one, one person must eat this much.
I didn't finish all. hahaha :x

and this! OMG super full.
I never tried this so I still ate it  drank it. XD

The whole thing is soup! SWEAT.
Hot soup lah of course.

Another random picture.

They said we must try this but we didn't try. hahahaha!
too full liao.

Can you see that? Just people everywhere so pek cek.

My long time no see brother and I.

Finally we still bought this chau tau fu.
Some of them said it smells bad but tastes good.
but for me, it already smells very bad, somemore tastes worse.

ewwwwwwwwwwww, tak boleh tahan -,-
After eating then the whole mouth would smell like you just ate shit. ><

walked to 上海滩.
The mist was very thick that day.
Everything looked blur.

I just managed to take one of them because the building expanded too far away.

Nothing to do, was resting so I camwhored. hahaha!

Gosh, that place was not for human one soooooooooooo many people!
SIAO how to shop?

So we didn't shop.

while waiting for the shifu, sister and I went for a walk in one of the shopping malls.
And we found this boutique - ONLY.
Gosh the dresses and clothes inside were perfect! so nice :D
But the prices are also very "nice", one simple dress costed at least malaysia ringgit 200.
I think I can buy cheaper dress in M'sia. -,-

Headed to dinner


I very beh tahan the people there, especially the male.
Shit one non-stop smoking even in air-conditioned room.

There was a huge sign stating "NO SMOKING"
but what you could see is PEOPLE WERE SMOKING EVERYWHERE.
Ugh, pissed off must get a private dining room one.

Dad's friend was belanja-ing that night.

Geli duck tongues. ><
I didn't eat.

This was great! :D

And that uncle drinks.
So, I drank few sips okay x)
Super hot -,-

Wasted a lot of food because that uncle was so weird.
We had so little people and he ordered like for 20 person.
How to finish them?
Actually their culture is like that, must order a lot of food and got remaining to show that they treat the guests very good.


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