Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 1 - Flight


Sigh, we missed the flight at 1am!
Mum misintepreted the time.
And MAS cancelled our return flight too so we had to buy another two-ways air tickets.

So, we had to take AirAsia because MAS had no flight to Shanghai already.
Um seriously AirAsia is cheap but not very comfortable.
I prefer MAS :)

we were having MarryBrown at the airport.

Camwhored with my little brother! hahahaha :)
he's so cute.

Me @ LCCT.

 hahahahaha, curi-curi took this picture :x

Took this picture during the flight in the evening when the sun was about to set. :)

Sigh, arrived at Hangzhou five hours later and
we needed to travel to Shanghai! :(

It was a long night.
Reached shanghai at about 1am omg so sleeeeepy.

It was a safe flight :)

I love travelling.

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