Sunday, August 8, 2010

Not Motivated

Today was a bad day for me.
Everything was not going on in my order.

I wanted to study,
I tried to study,
but it didn't work out.
When I sat in front of my desk,
I felt like sleeping and daydreaming.

I wanted to sleep,
but I slept too much today.
I woke up at 12pm and was daydreaming till 6pm.
How could I sleep again? I couldn't.

I wanted to go swimming,
but when I thought of bringing clothes to change, shampoo to bathe,
I felt sooo darn lazy to move an inch.

I just wanted to lay on the grass and watch the sky.
I wanted to admire the beauty of the world,
rather than thinking about sad and scary stuffs alone in my room.

I wanted to dance,
to express whatever complicated feelings in my mind.
to dance off the stress and unhappiness.

I wanted to do everything
except for studying.
I love to learn, but I never like studying.
Hard life. 

I should learn to enjoy life. 
Enjoy studying? nawwww. 

Tell me how. 

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