Thursday, August 5, 2010


Who don't love surprises? :)

What a day with lots of sweet surprises! hahahaha :)

We gave Puan Koh a surprise by celebrating her birthday one day earlier.
Tomorrow is her retirement, honestly I like her :)
she's quite a good teacher.
Just, she's not strict enough to our class so people are not obeying her. haha!
Anyway, she's very cute, like a Scoobie Dooooo!
I don't know if you all think so or not.
But I really think that she looks like Scoobie Dooo :P sooo cute x)

We took pictures with her at first.
Then celebrated her birthday with a really nice pandan cake and a sweet meal prepared by beekee in the class illegally. :P
And the guys and some girls did a really sweet thing for her.
"puan koh puan koh puan koh puan koh puan koh puan koh puan koh (i don't know how many puan kohs) puan koh puan koh I LOVE YOU!"
hahahahahaha! how sweet :)

Then she gave a speech :)

She is happy, we are happy :)

peek a booo!

* * * *

and, other surprises too! ;)
My friends know it.

alright, share another thing with you guys :)

see? Cheong in the right way, to succeed better.
Don't simply cheong and go the wrong way. :)

All the best to people out there :)


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