Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Happy Burfday to my sister! :)

Well, her birthday is zhun zhun one month ealier than mine.
But I guess my birthday this year will be very terrible.

The first day of SPM trial falls on my birthday! wth.
Geram right? :(
So sad.

My birthday should be very perfect this year one because it comes with the mooncake festival.
It should be as perfect and as round as the moon one,
but stupid SPM trial ruins everything. cheh!

Hate you! -,-

* * * * *

Well, another topic.

I received my photo few days ago.

Gosh, this made me angrier.

I didn't know what the hell my photo was, so ugly.

I totally couldn't accept the face on that photo. Eeesh.

The right one was last year/last few years one, although it was not very beautiful, at least it was normal and nicer. :(

Don't know lah, lots of my classmates also complained about the bad photo quality. :(

Oh no, my face would be as ugly as this in the school magazine.

* * * * *

Another topic again,
hehehehe this is what we call Chap Pu Long :P

Well, this picture was taken few weeks ago.
My Dance Studio organized a Latin Competition but I didn't participate! :)
It was very nice being a spectator.

I saw some of them have awesome dancing skills, and perfect performance :)

* * * * *


Oh ya, anybody is using Liese Hair Cocktail?
I want to know how's the effect. hehehe.

Because I have bad hair. :(
I always want to have a better hair but I don't know how.


Picture of the day ::::::::::

teehee :)

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