Monday, August 23, 2010

Light up their life!

Well, I happily participated in the 30 Hour Famine this year. ;)
I got addicted to this event last year.  heh heh.
Of course, I joined Youth Group.

Chear Yong appointed me as one of the group leaders.
Well, I was feeling really bad to reject him but I wanted to be together with my friends.

So, our good classmates here were willing to spilt up into three super small group to join three s1 group leaders. :P
awww, thank you you guys! without you guys I memang didn't know how liao. haha.

Chia Voon and Jia Wei in Khoon Kheng's group :)

Jia Wei wanted to take a picture, but thrice failure. hahaha!

Bing was in mine and Chee Seng was in Zhi Xiang's.

Elic and Niao Minn

Well, it was just like last year.
There was 饥饿挑战, telematch, mini concert and bla bla bla.
I was very bad in playing games one. >< 
Anyway,  loads of activities made time went faster. :)

En told me that few years ago when there was no DIY camp, 
she slept for like 10 hours in bukit jalil hahaha!  

Yay, beeying and I :)

Niao Minn and I :P

Chee Seng's expression is always so funny x)

Well, this was my group.
Mostly all unknowns but we became friends after that :)
Thank you guys for cooperating and
sorry for being a not-so-good leader. hehehe!
Especially in playing games, I told ya. XD

30 Hour Famine, hope you guys did enjoyed yourselves!

Yes, we were group 21!
At first we chose Paris, but was taken by the front group.
Then we chose Rome, but was again taken by the group behind us -,-
At last we changed lah, hahahaha! Not a big deal :)

*but I forgot to create a slogan* :P
bu hao yi si :P

My group members are really nice people.
Thank you :)

Alright, random pics.

Jia Wei looked so kiddo here. haha!

We are s1-rians! yay, but zhi xiang, why are you so k yeng one?

Also, I curi some pictures from facebook heh heh, because I found them really nice ;)
All of these gorgeous pictures were taken by Kuan Wei.
I remembered he laughed at me for not knowing how to fold a paper aeroplane! -,-
But also thanks to him for teaching me x) 
Now I sudah pro :P

Nice theme song and Yi Xuan teaching us sign languages

Group leaders :)

Well, this was in Stadium Bukit Jalil.
This year we got the toppest seat, oh my gosh, darn scary man.
I felt like I was falling or riding roller coaster or whatever.
The seats were too slunted liao.
I couldn't even dare to stand up and high.
But I took some time to adapt to the scary seats. ><

s1-rians again.
Wee Minn said "5 survived and 4 starved to death" -,- eeesh!

Lastly a group picture of Youth Group campers taking picture under the super hot sun! ;)
Um, honestly I did complain a lot at that time sorry :P

All right it rocks.
I hope that it will be even better next year :)


* *

Bought this,

Last year famine t-shirt with Yise's signature. :P
I actually already had the similar tee.

I asked some of them whether I was stupid siao or not for buying this,
and know what?
They said YES.

Nvm I was just supporting heh heh!

And bookmarks,

lol and badges.

I was not shouting and yelling and highing during famine countdown.
I lost my voice and the seats were too scary for me to stand up.

Oh yea, I only shouted once, shouted like mad! hehehehe.
It was when Fish Leong came out to the stage, woohoo I like herrrrrr! :D
She sings great!
Too bad she didn't sing 情歌, but nvm also :)

After countdown, had my dearest jagung hi five bread happily!
hehehehehe ;)
But I didn't get the picture, so sad.

Dozed off once the bus started its engine.
And there it went, I reached Chung Hwa already.

Then, I had my superlicious dinner at Funa Zushi (whee, my favourite japenese food)!

Yea, apart from the fun, there are lots of kids who starve to death outside, somewhere on earth.
And the earth is round, we can't just sit and watch them like that.
We must help.

So if you have the ability, why not adopt a child? :)

Light Up Their Life!

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