Sunday, August 1, 2010


I am blogging at this middle of the night.
I can't sleep because I am feeling really bad. :(

You know how I feel?

I just feel like I rear a bitch, feed her everyday, treat her like my bestest friend, but she bites me in return.
I treat a bitch like VIP, but she treats me like a dog in return.

How awful will this be? VERY.

Don't ask me what is this about? hahahahaha. Even I myself am not sure. Just, some kind of stupid feeling.

This world is darn realistic. I hate it.

I better be independent on my own. Never count on the people other than yourself. I learn that. Just.. sometimes I just don't have the ability to do something. and, no one would help you.

Maybe someone, but not always, not everytime.

The weaker people in the society tend to be oppressed by those powerful and arrogant people. Ew like shit.

I mustn't continue sleeping in my dream for 365 days every year.
Please WAKE UP!

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